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BMC Research and Methodology


July 25, 2011


BMC Research and Methodology

This paper gives an overview of the research study that Sharon Johnston, Clare Liddy, William Hogg, Melissa Donskov, Grant Russell, and Elizabeth Gyorfi-Dyke did on five different primary health care providers from University of Ottawa, Canada. The purpose of the study was to improve on the methods for recruiting physicians and to address the challenges that came across during this process. This paper will define the business research and the purpose of the research. It will give an overview of the business problem, list the data collection methods used during the research study, and give a conclusion of the results of the research study.

Business Research and Purpose

The purpose of the research was to review the recruitment strategies, new processes and procedures, and challenges from five different primary health care services research studies in Ontario, Canada (Johnston, Liddy, Hogg, Donskov, Russell, & Gyorfi-Gyke 2010). The extensive research done in the past, shows that the recruitment methodology has been a recurring problem. The methodology is vital to the success of primary care research.

Data Collection Methods

The data collection methods used during this research study consists of a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. The research team had the investigators use surveys and interviews to get vital information from the staff. The analysis of the data included notes from the interviews and surveys from the five research staff employees in the study.

Researcher's Conclusion

The conclusion from the study is, “Investigators must continue to find effective ways of reaching and involving diverse and representative samples of primary care providers (Johnston, Liddy, Hogg, Donskov, Russell, & Gyorfi-Gyke 2010, para. 1)”.

The results that the researchers found vary due to the findings and the participation rates of...