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Deontology put in simple terms is the theory or study of moral obligation. It is the idea behind the Golden Rule; “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you”. The concept of moral duty and right action is of essence when faced with an ethical dilemma as in this case; hence I would use the Ethical Reasoning System of deontology to do what is right and acceptable. I would take my current position of being jobless from different standpoints.

First, I would realize I wasn’t fired, but I was laid-off because the business was reducing its Asian exposure. Common sense would tell me that it was nobody’s fault that I was unlucky to be in the Asian Equity Sales Group. In fact, the Managing Director even asked me if I would consider moving to the Eastern European Sales Group, which unfortunately was also reducing European exposure. Hence there is actually no one to blame for my current situation.

Secondly, the manager had so much trust in me. The risk of pocketing the $2,500 is outweighed by the trust that I had earned at my job; hence to take the money will not be an option since there is still a chance that the company might trace these funds back to me. Of which I wouldn’t want to be caught on the wrong side because that would mean I might never get employed at this company again.

Lastly, I did not earn this money. Taking the money would not only mean stealing from the company, but also I violating the Golden rule, which demands treating others in a manner that I would want to be treated. In this case I will be disadvantaging my former workmates by taking something I did not earn.

After considering these factors I would gladly take the check back to its rightful owner – the Global Investment Banking.