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Explain the management process including the skills, competences and 10 roles of an effective manger.

The management process involves four functions which are:-

Planning:- to outline objectives

Organizing:- to bring together resources and systems.

Leading:- to creating the enthusiasm in the workforce.

Controlling:- take action to ensuring the intended results are achieved.

The various skill levels of managers are divided into three parts. Technical skill is where specialized tasks are performs. This skill is very important for entry level managers where he/she deal with the job’s specific problems. The next skill is the Human skill and this the ability to work well with other people, and the lastly is the Conceptual skill, this is the ability to view the organization or situation as a whole so that the problem is solved for the benefit of everyone concerned. This type of skill is needed more for a complex situation.

They are ten roles of an effective manager according to Henry Mintzberg. The roles fall in to three categories:

➢ Interpersonal Roles:- how a manager interacts with other people. A manger can have the role of a figure head that is hosting and attending official ceremonies. The role of a leader is creating, motivate and serving subordinates and a role of a liaison:-maintaining contacts with important people and gather information.

➢ Decisional Roles:- uses information in decision making. These roles are entrepreneur, who is involved with making designs and initiates change that affect others. The role of the disturbance handler, helping to resolve conflicts, resource allocator and deals with unexpected events and allocates resources to various uses within an organization and the negotiator role who negotiates with other organizations or individuals.

➢ Informational Roles:- Manages exchanges and process information. These role of the monitor, is to control and authorize resources, Disseminator, share factual...