Eth 125 Week 9 Final Project

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Race and Your Final ProjectRace and Your Community

In my community there are more White Americans than African Americans. African Americans are different than me and get treated differently to. Some choose to live a life like I do, where you work to raise your family, go to school like I do and make the best of it, others choose to not work, go to school and party their life away. I have seen many African Americans and White Americans break the laws, but only some White Americans get punished at that time because the African Americans will tell higher authorities that its discrimination towards them. We all work hard, some harder than other to get where we are today. Racial profiling in my community happens often. There are always going to be some judgmental people of others. Most leadership people in my community try to treat everyone equally. For example, Police officers don’t target others who don’t “look” like them but they do their job in making our neighborhood safe for everybody. There are times when we get college students in town that shoot others or purposely start a fight because they are racist then other authorities step in to try and make things right. Many people in my neighborhood look at people being equal; it’s not about your skin color or race but more about how you treat each other. The old saying goes; “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” this is how my community relies on one another. There are still some cases where want it their way all the time and have hurt others not like them to get something they have. At every job I have had in the past and currently have now we have an employee handbook that tells us our employee rights and what to do if we think were being harassed, treated unfairly or even being discriminated against. I think that employee handbooks were one of the best handouts we ever had because were able to know our rights and what to do if we are not being treated equally. Our media in my community represents...