Cross Cultural View: Gung Ho

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g HOTopic: Describe the various dimensions of personal and professional culture as noted in the movie Gung Ho and draw parallels to each one of the dimensions sighting examples from other countries / cultures.


I. Gung Ho movie

A movie about a Japanese automaker Assan Motors takes over a failed American auto plant Hadleyville, differences between American and Japanese work ethics threaten to close the plant. Inspired workers work toward their goal of making 15000 cars, and pursue it with the level of diligence the Japanese managers had encouraged.

II. Various dimensions as from Gung Ho

Table 1 describes many cultural differences between Japan and the United States-

Dimensions | USA | Japan |

Relationship | Low context culture. Individualistic culture- essence of supremacy. | High context culture. Belief in team spirit. Collectivistic culture - essence of harmony. |

Equality | Independent and egalitarian. | Women at home leave when men talk about business and office work. |

Time | No time management. | Punctual, up to the minute. |

Space | Personal and professional life goes hand in hand. Friendly, call by first name. | Separate personal and professional space. Expect others to respect the same. Maintain distance and formal ethics. |

Verbal & Non Verbal Communication | -Expressive, say what is on their mind. Have casual attitude.- American’s can rarely speak Japanese.

- Direct, frank communication norm. | - Tend to value silence and expect others to interpret their feelings.- Place significance on body language.- Japanese can speak English. Indirect, implicit communication norm. |

Priorities | Work and play together. Believe in work life balance. | Work over family. Very dedicated, expect zero percent defect. Work and quality of work is the only measure of a worker. |

Emotions | Dominating attitude. Promote their product more enthusiastically. Hard sell orientation (logic appeal). | Use a kind and gentle approach....