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Who is the better warrior, Aias or Hector? Cite some lines to prove your answer.

Aias is the better warrior for he battled against the Trojans in the challenge of man-to-man combat. He was chosen by draw lots and didn’t refuse instead stood up with great courage and even was glad. (“ My friends, the lot is

mine, and I rejoice, for I shall vanquish Hector. I will put on my armour, pray to King Jove in silence among yourselves that the Trojans may not hear you- or aloud if you will, for we fear no man. None shall overcome me, neither by force nor cunning, for I was born and bred in Salamis, and can hold my own in all things.”) Aias in his full battle gear faced Hector, but Hector was too confident with himself and underestimated Aias. These made the Trojans tremble in fear even Hector himself. Still Hector was proud of himself and said these line to Aias. ("Noble Aias, son of Telamon, captain of the host, treat me not as though I were some puny boy or woman that cannot fight. I have been long used to the blood and butcheries of battle.”) Aias doesn’t take things for granted, he accepts challenges in his freewill, he is brave and that makes him a better warrior than Hector who is proud and makes big names for himself.

Summarize Zeus’ message to the assembly at high Olympos.

Zeus’ message to the assembly of Gods and Goddesses was that he wanted none of them to interfere with the war of the Danaans or the Trojans. He wanted them not to cross him but obey his commands. Zeus wanted to put an end to the war. He warned the Gods and Goddesses that whoever disobeys him will be punished and face Zeus’ consequences.

How did Agamemnon repent of his violence?

When the Danaans were at loss of much people, Agamemnon called for an assembly citing their situation. He wanted to turn back but Diomedes refused. Nestor at a council spoke to Agamemnon that made him realized his mistakes and faults over Achilles. He realized that he was wrong on dishonoring a hero that...