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Environmental Fundamentals


Principles of Environmental Science

July 19, 1990

Prof. Ted Jenkins

Environmental Science is the study of the between humans and the world around them, living and non-living. It involves in-depth research about the governance of the human population/consumption and how said population responds, acts or reacts to the technological advances from an environmental and/or ecological viewpoint as human needs and wants increase, our impacts on the world become more widespread and severe, despite improvement in some areas. Environmental science generally spells out a cause, effect relationship in human health and well being of the world. This particular discipline integrates just about every physical and biological science that would enable one to study and further solutions of environmental problems.

After reading the material, I couldn’t necessarily pinpoint directly how the principles of science and technology were applied. However, I did note several areas in which certain problems clearly emphasized different ways of negatively impacting the environment. Solutions are more or less speculated, or indirectly implied with no real value because of the changes in population or society as a whole. For instance, unnecessary use or exploitation of environmental resources leading to depletion of valuable resources that aren’t always renewable.

The best way to go about identifying problems and solutions would seem to be to apply the “scientific method”. This process involves five basic steps. If utilized correctly the outcome will generally give off responses/answers/solutions that may or may not be deemed acceptable in the scientific world, it’s all a matter of experimentation in an attempt to find a conclusion to any given question or problem.

The issue of environmental sustainability is extremely important. This seems to be so because as we live in this environment, our consumption of its resources can be consumed...