Interpersonal Relationships

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Interpersonal Relationships 1

Interpersonal Relationships

Mandel Adams

Communication 200

Instructor Darin Youngs

August 2, 2009

Relationship 2

Interpersonal Relationships

People communicate with each other and a number of different people on a daily basis. Each individual relationship is different, depending on the role of the individuals. People communicate with each other even though they might not know one another. People speaking, using gestures, signs, verbally and non verbally is one of the basic needs that people maintain in order to survive. Hybels and Weaver II (2007) states that interaction with others is called interpersonal communication, and it occurs whenever one person interacts with another-usually in an informal setting.

There are many different kinds of relationships that we are involved in like friendships, job, school and personal relationships. The context of these relationships differs from each other due to their importance and closeness to each individual. My relationship with my family is a close one. We talk to one another on a daily basis and we sit around and talk at least twice a week. My mother is the rock in our family. I have four sisters and we all have seemed to meet up a few days a week and sit around and just talk about our lives. My oldest sister Jackie, she use to come around and talk to us, but she has an abusive boyfriend and he has cut all her communication with the family.

We have tried to intervened, but she is the type to take up for him and make excuses for why he does certain things. Communication between her and the rest of the family is limited and destroyed forever, if she does not change. This is a good example of “social comparison.” Comparing my relationship to Jackie’s relationship, shows me what not to

Relationships 3

do in a relationship and to treat my woman, like a woman. Priscilla, which is the next to oldest sister, lives in...