Cultural Diversity in West Allis, Wisconsin

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Cultural Diversity in West Allis, Wisconsin

Matt Harrell



DR. Carol Grant

Cultural Diversity in West Allis, Wisconsin

Have you ever found yourself wondering what was happing in the community with different cultures that you live in, whether they are going through the same thing that you are going through or is it different? Well this is some information about the different cultures in and around the community that I live in.

Before taking ETH/125, I associated “race” with Hispanics, African Americans, and Caucasians. The word race may only have four words but the meaning is very complex. (“Webster's New World Dictionary provides the following definition:: RACE: “Any of the major biological divisions of mankind, distinguished by color and texture of hair, color of skin and eyes, stature, bodily proportions, etc.”) (Abrams, III, 2008). After this course I cannot just assume that someone is African American just because he/she a has darker skin complexion or they are wearing baggy clothes. Because these days someone could be a multitude of different races. To understand someone’s true race you should get to know people. For America to go forward in the next generation all races must be treated equality.

Being a Caucasian living in American I really did not experience stereotypical and racial comments until I moved to Wisconsin. People think being white, I would have it easier than someone from a different race would but that is not true I live in a sub community of Milwaukee called West Allis. It is stereotyped as everyone being a cheese head and it is the State of Drinking. Granted there is a bar on every other corner however, it is not true many people of the community call West Allis home.

When I relocated to Wisconsin, I thought more African Americans would outnumber the Caucasians. According to the United States Census Bureau 94.0% are White persons, 1.3% is Black persons, 0.7% is American Indian and Alaska Native...