Personal Strengths

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In Romans 12:3-8 Paul commands us to “Know yourself”, and “Be true to yourself”. When we understand ourselves we can then live truthfully according to the gifts and talents God has given us. Our unique calling will always be consistent with who God created us to be. It is our Job to seek self- knowledge so that we can better understand ourselves and consequently lead a good life serving God in the way he planned. Smith explains that “who we are and who we are called to be in the world is found at the intersection…” of our responses to four specific questions.

The first question asked is, “What are my gifts and abilities?” Initially, this was a difficult question for me because God has allowed me to have a variety of different talents. Smith mentions that this is the case for many people, however, there is usually “a single talent that is closer to the root of our being, to our heart, than any other”. When I considered this, I began to realize that the talent I value the most is my ability to empathize, or understand and share the feelings of another. I enjoy talking with my friends about issues that matter to them and being able to understand their unique perspectives. I am usually the person my friends or family members come to when they need advice or someone to talk things out with. Maybe they just need someone to understand them. Helping others in this way seems instinctual and natural to me. It also brings me joy seeing the other person happier as a result of my ability.

The second question Smith asks is, “What is the deepest desire of my heart?” My response to this question came easier than the first. At the end of my life I want to be able to reflect and say that I was a person who loved God first and foremost, but also truly loved other people. If during my time on Earth I can love God with all my heart, love a lot of other people, and have many of them love me back, I will have had a fulfilling and complete life. This also means that I...