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We are changing each and every day in our life as we grow older. At youth, most of us are happy because we don’t know anything and there isn’t much to worry about. As we grow up, everything around us changes, as do we. The way we think, the things we want, and the life we are chasing after for has caused our desire to grow and point-of-view to change. Junot Diaz’s novel, “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao”, described the life of Oscar from youth to death in different point of view. In elementary school, like most kids in this age, Oscar was a happy boy who always gets all the attention and is always trying to kiss the girls (Diaz 11). But as we grow up and the world around us becomes more complicated, the innocent way of thinking that a child does, is gone. In adolescence, we demand for more, we seldom feel satisfied, and because of that, we are unhappy. Just like Oscar, in many ways his situation and point of view have changed as he grows older. The changes in Oscar’s life from happy childhood to nerdy adolescence, and ended as a lonely and worthless poor Oscar is a taste of what many people around us go through.

What do we need to worry about when we were at the ages of preschool child? This is the age we first get involved into the society. As a child, we only have a limited amount of knowledge, and our innocent thinking makes us to believe that everyone around us is the same. School is the place where boys meet girls and vice versa. They find the differences between them and then curiosities bring them closer to each other. However, lack of experiences and knowledge, they get confused by this feeling called “love”. Just like Oscar, a boy been described as “always trying to kiss the girls”, is confused by girls (Diaz 11). In school, Oscar has two close female friends, Maritza and Olag. Maritza was beautiful and popular, and Olag was a quiet and lonely girl. Both of them are Oscar’s girl friend, and Oscar feels happy about that. Maritza couldn’t accept the...