Recruitment and Selection

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Recruitment and selection in public health services


Recruitment and selection plays a vital role in every organisation whether it is operating on a small scale or an on a large one. However, it is believed that in public health services, little attention is paid to proper recruitment and selection process of health staff. In the paper, the process of recruitment and selection will be addressed, which can be implemented in healthcare organisation. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages associated with the tools, which will also be addressed.

Importance of Recruitment and Selection in public health services300

The Recruitment and selection process is a very important for any organization. It works like an intermediate between employer and the applicant. It starts with attracting a huge number of applicants for the post, screening on the basis of qualification and experience, and a pool of list is being done for the selection process. The process of recruitment and selection does not however ends with application and selection of the right people but it involves maintaining and retaining the employees chosen. The significant factor which makes the recruitment and selection very important is that it helps in the increase of the selection rate by scrutining of overqualified or under-qualified job applicants, which results into the decrease in probability of resignation of employees over a short period of time. Hence it helps to increase organization effectiveness and employee stability for a long period of time with the organization. The Recruitment and selection process in public health services plays a significant role as it helps in selecting the right healthcare professional who can perform the work in an effective way and at the right time (Shi 2007). Health care is one of the critical and sophisticated service, a single and smallest mistake or ignorance could lead to a huge problem for the organization. Therefore it is very...