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International MKG

Coca: 58% sales abroad

Mcdo: 66%

L’occitane: biggest market: Japan

Interests of dealing more with foreign countries:

To produce (ex: Apple)

To increase its sales: target new markets and create opportunities

Number of people (Demographics) X Their purchasing power ($$$)


* Word population: 6.9 billion (increasing)

* Highest population: China, India, USA, Indonesia, brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Russia, Japan

* Asia is the biggest market in the world (1/3)

Migrant Worker:

Refers to a person who is engaged or has been engaged in a remunerated activity in a state of which he or she is not a national

191 million people lived outside the country of their birth

Consequences on the social & economic structure:

1.2 Generational marketing

* Mkg to seniors

* Mkg to children

* Gender Mkg

Biological Age

Psychological Age

Sociological Age


* Life expectancy increases

* Birth Rate decreases

* Ageing population in the western countries

* Still Young population in other countries

* To seniors:

Y? Current potential

Target? Definition and problematic

How? Consumption and seniors

Unilever UK: Dove poster with a 96 yo woman, not using models

L’Oreal with Jane Fonda

Danone: Actimel ad campaign targeting old people

* To children

Primary market: kids as final consumers

Secondary market: kids as prescriptors of purchase

1.3 Gender marketing

2 Different strategies:

* Differentiated marketing:

Ex: « Vertu »: Very specific, split their campaign in 2, men and women

Dedicated to women: Coca light

Breaking the rules (technology, cars)

* Undifferentiated marketing

Ex: Twin sets

* Mkg to gays

1O% of the us pop

Concentrated in large urban centers.

21% have > $100 000 per year

Annual value of their market: $515 billion

1.4 Diaspora...