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Change Management

the People Side of Change An introduction to change management from the editors of the Change Management Learning Center

Advance praise for Change Management: the People Side of Change

“Great book! This book takes the sometimes overly academic work around change management and makes it easy, understandable and actionable.” Laura Roethe, Change Management Practice Leader, CUNA Mutual Group “The principles illustrated in the book are timeless and appropriate to any condition where things are not static. In fact, they are based upon great quantities of common sense – so much so that their utilization is not common.” Kim A. Kennedy, General Manager, Industrial Operations, Blue Diamond “This is a must read. Recognizing the need for change and effectively leading the correct changes may be the most important leadership role for today's executives. In today's competitive and uncertain economic environment, change competency may be the key to success.” E.H. (Gene) Sherman, Founder and CEO, Baynard Cove Group “Great book on change management – especially the ideas presented on integrating the organizational and individual elements of change management. The book has forced me to look at change management in a new way!” Susan L. Schleusner, Project Manager, Storage Technology Corporation “A wonderful primer for change management. Every organization, both public and private, should view this text as required reading before implementing major change.” Dr. James Johnson, Adjunct Faculty, Regis University

“Change Management is a great book to read if your boss ‘talks’ about change management, but can't explain what change management is or how to go about it. This book will give you the foundation you need to manage change and get the results you are trying to achieve.” Melissa Dutmers, Process Architect, Agilent Technologies “Change Management is like a driving school for change agents. It teaches you the basic principles and...