Presentation, Interpretation and Analysis of Data

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In this chapter a thorough presentation of qualitative and quantitative data from the subject are presented followed by an analysis and interpretation of significant factors important in this study.

Case No. 1 Mrs. Sandra: The Businesswoman Inmate

Sandra, 35 years old, have short wavy hair and white-skinned woman, is one of the inmates who already catches the attention of the researcher at the first entry in the office of Cebu City Jail-Female Dorm. She is really an eye catcher and a head-turner to most of the people inside whom already feels hungry because Sandra is selling different kinds of viand good for that hungry afternoon. The researcher could already notice how jolly the subject based on how she approached other inmates to sell the viand she is selling.

By the time, she was told she will going to be interviewed, she immediately approached the table wherein the researcher is waiting for her for an interview. The subject is really an accommodating person just by the way she greet the researcher the moment she get near at the table. As the researcher explain why is called for an interview, though nervous, the subject still manage to say that she is willing to give all the information that the researcher needed as long as she can able to answer it.

Personal Background

Sandra is the 5th child among seven siblings. She has five sisters and two brothers. She was not able to finish high school. She has two kids but separated with her partner. “Wala man mi nagpuyo sa akong partner sa una. Mura ra man gud mi og manag-uyab kay kita-kita ra mi ba. Wala man kagusto ako parents niya gud kay maldito man nya mangulata pa jud mao to na magkawat-kawat ra mi og kita hangtod namabdos ko (We are not living together with my partner before. We are just like lovers because we are just seeing each other. My parents doesn’t like my partner because he hits me that is why we were just secretly seeing...