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Global warming blog by Henry Auer

Carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases are responsible for global warming experienced since the industrial revolution. Greenhouse gases arise from human use of fossil fuels for power and energy. Major emitters of greenhouse gases include both industrialized countries and, in recent decades, developing countries as well. Higher global temperatures cause the extremes of hot and cold, and wet and dry, weather of recent years. This blog examines global warming and its effects.

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This blog is expressly directed to readers who do not have strong training or backgrounds in science, with the intent of helping them grasp the underpinnings of this important issue. I'm going to present an ongoing series of posts that will develop various aspects of the science of global warming, its causes and possible methods for minimizing its advance and overcoming at least partially its detrimental effects. 

Each post will begin with a capsule summary. It will then proceed with captioned sections to amplify and justify the statements and conclusions of the summary. I'll present images and tables where helpful to develop a point, since "a picture is worth a thousand words". 

FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2011

Economic Costs of Extreme Weather Events Due to Global Warming

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Summary.  Global warming is predicted to increase the probability of extreme weather events that have the potential of harming human livelihood.  This post summarizes three extreme events whose occurrence is consistent with predicted effects of global warming: the massive flooding in Pakistan in 2010, the severe drought and failure of the wheat crop in Russia in 2010, and increased numbers and severity of wildfires in recent years in...