Ethical Issues

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Ethical Issues in OB

James Tabb

Ashford University

When trying to market a product you need to first understand who you are trying to target and market to. A company should always figure out not only what their producing but how they want to present their product whether it be in a store physically, sell their items online digitally, or both. By doing these things then you need to be knowledgeable about your market and what the consumer needs and wants are going to be.

Companies need to be innovative and unique with their products. This will help the organization with their market segmentation by following the correct procedures and strategies in order to keep a competitive advantage and stay successful. I have learned from the book about market orientation and how companies need to focus on the relationship between the consumer and te firm. Being oriented you have to follow certain functions such as connecting the customer to the product, service delivery, and financial accountability. Companies have to be aware of consumer behavior and how different people buy different things. The book talks about how discuses, “differences reflect variations in consumers’ personal characteristics-their needs, benefits sought, attitudes, values, past experiences, and lifestyles – and their social influences – there social class, reference groups, and family situations.” (Mullins, W. John and Walker, C., Orville, (2010)

When targeting a specific target companies have different segments that they use to target specific groups. These segments are things such as; demographically, geographically, and psychographic ally. Using these strategies the company will then determine what consumer their product if suited for. Presenting a new product you use screening decisions and different ideas as well as process of elimination to try to get rid of all errors and weaknesses of your product before let into the market to compete with...