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| Organizational Behavior |

Individual Assignment

Student: Phùng Ngọc Cường

Roll number: B0080

Teacher: Nguyễn Ngọc Diệp Anh

Topic: Do you agree that organizational culture is considered as a decision making factor when people choose which company to work for? Explain why?


In the world, there are many cultures. Each culture has some levels and comes with it has a lot of way to build and development culture. Many large organizations and large companies have their own culture. These cultures give them a different work style. That is one of the reasons make people decide to join to these organizations or companies. In this article, I will offer a number of reviews to prove it ….

First of all, organizational culture is concerned with how employees perceive the characteristics of an organization‘s culture, not with whether or not they like them. An organization’s culture develops over many years and is rooted in deeply held values to which employees are strongly committed. We have three basic definitions about culture. Firstly, culture is core value of human in the art and humanities, for that reason with reference to artistic we can get a base understanding of the local culture. Secondly, culture is an integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for symbolic thought and social learning. Thirdly, culture is the set of attitudes, values, goals and practices characterizes an institution, organization or group. That is three basic definitions about culture. It helps us understanding more about culture.

On the theoretical point of reputation management Robbins, corporate culture is defined as a general rule systems are members accept and act to make a difference in people between the organizations or businesses with other organizations or businesses. Many studies have concluded that seven main characteristics of corporate culture:...