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Week 7: The Official Language Movement


This article titled “The Pros of Bilingual Education” talks about just that. The article explains situations where student have come to America from other countries and when tested in the English language they are placed into special education classes. The student will be placed with a teacher that speaks their home countries’ language so they learn English version of the words that they already know in their native language.


This article shows the pro and cons of bilingual education. The article talks about several programs that have already been placed to have to teach those who need to learn the English language like English as a second language. English as a second language has its pro and cons. This program place the student is a normal classroom setting and the student also has a second, separate class dedicated to just learn English. The con of this type of programs is that the student may be overwhelmed with all the things he/she is learning.


When this article came out in 2002, California’s’ proposition 227 marked the seventh anniversary of California having bilingual education. After the seven years California has failed to teach the students a second language


This story talks about a little boy, Zach Rubio, and the amount of trouble he got into while speaking Spanish, in the hallway of his school, by a teacher. This article proves a very good point to America’s society. We need to learn the languages that other people speak as well. I think it is really awful that this little kid got in trouble for speaking another language. I give kudos to him for knowing another...