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While Carl is an inexperience recruiter, he failed to do follow up after the recruitment exercise, to ensure all the requirements for the new trainees were met. Carl also under estimated the amount of work he had to do, in the timeframe given, in order to arrange everything on time.


Carl Robins, the new recruiter, hired 15 new trainees in April and schedule a new hire orientation to take place June 15. On finalizing the paperwork needed for the orientation he realized that some of the new trainees did not have applications completed, or transcripts on file, none of them had been sent for the mandatory drug screen, and there was not any orientation manuals available as a guide. To make matters worse; he also found out that the training room that he is supposed to use for the orientation was reserved for a month by another department.

Research findings suggest that these problems arise because of two main reasons: (1) “information and enthusiasm about the job, and (2) applicant-centeredness and concern for applicants” (Connerley, Mary L., 1993).

Key Problems

Carl, a new recruiter was asked to undertake his first recruitment exercise without proper supervision and support, which resulted in the following:

1) Applications were not completed.

2) Transcripts not on file.

3) Trainees were not sent for mandatory tests such as physicals and drug screen.

4) The necessary requirements were not available such as: manuals, policy booklets, etc.

5) Training room for orientation exercise was not booked.


The alternatives include the following: reviewing the recruiter’s job description with him and reinforce expectations of the company; which includes competence, diligence, and assertiveness.

Carl could work closely with an experienced recruiter for his first exercise; this will not only help in the learning process but it will also help to share the work load.

Carl’s supervisor is to intermittently review...