Four Seasons

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary 2

Background 3

Key Issues 5

Analysis 7

Decision and Rationale 13

Conclusion 17

Executive Summary

Four seasons company has been very effective at attracting and retaining its target customers in each region. Its core orientation has been delivering best personalized service to its customers by following:

a. Core standard processes and methods which provide best personalized experience.

b. Choosing the right location with long term prospects to support the business.

c. Creating incentives for partners by ensuring high return on investment.

d. Selecting right candidates using rigorous selection process and training them extensively to deliver personalized services to guests using the ambience provided by the corporate culture.

e. Nurturing and providing growth opportunities to employees with good benefits, incentives and recognition.

f. Using technology to augment the personalized services delivered to client.

The company now aims to become the decade’s best growth stock by expanding its core business. This approach poses many challenges to the company. Four seasons will have to expand its market share at its existing locations; it will need to start new locations so that it can reach out to more consumers in its target market; use technology and web presence smartly to expand its reach to potential target markets; maintain the profitability and operational excellence; and hire right people. While it takes up growth initiatives it needs to make sure that it does not lower the quality of its personalized services delivered to client.

Our assessment is that Four Seasons should continue to select the right sites and partners, use standard process with local customization as needed by each target region, hire the right people and reward them. It should continue to adopt technology and expand web presence wherever it creates value in delivering...