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Task 1 – (a)

Apple Computer’s John Sculley and the other CEOs have acquired distinct strategic alliances to enter and tap into these newer technologies and also have shared costs of development. Apple has successfully teamed up with Sony to improve the PowerBook computer kind notebook. The miniaturization of the Japanese Company and their expertise has helped Apple to be able to decrease the size of the PowerBook and also reduce its time of development. Apple has a past which shows that they had been alliances with big companies. Bill Gates had sent over a memo to the CEO of Apple and also the Product President in the year 1985. Gates had put recommendation that Apple license Macintosh Technology to 3-5 important manufacturers, listing companies and contacts like the AT&T, DEC, Texas Instruments and also HP, Motorola and Xerox (Bessant, 2011). Apple had gone on to partner with IBM and Motorola on the chip of Power PC. Sculley and Spindler (COO) had hopes that IBM would be buying Apple and then put them ahead in the charge of the PC business. This never happened as Apple looked like contradictory and also seemed difficult to handle the business dealings. Under Amelio, Apple had licensed to Motorola and IBM. Apple also had announced the purchase of the software NeXT worth millions which had marked the return of Steve Jobs. With Amelio’s resignation the platform was ready for Jobs to take over.

Apple’s philosophy in the business is to get hold of companies which are smaller and can be easily combined into the projects of the company which is existing. Like for an instance, Apple had gained Emagic and it software of professional music, Logic Pro, in the year 2002. This gain had led to the establishment of the workstation software of digital audio, GarageBand, now part of the suite of iLife software. The company had made the acquisition on the year 1988 on March 2 when it had acquired Network Innovations. It has also made different divestments, all in...