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The Final step in the research process is to make the findings available to the readers with varied interests. Some readers may be concerned only with the conclusion arrived at and they are totally indifferent about the methodology of the study. If readers themselves are researchers, they wish to study in techniques used in the study and the analysis made to arrived at the conclusions. Some of the readers may be searching for the suggestions offered for solving the problems indentified by the researcher. Some others may be interested to know the sources of information method of collection used in the study.

Therefore, the researcher will give a complete and full description about the problem, method of approaching analysis, findings and conclusions. A clear exposition of a research project will greatly help the researcher to clarify his own thinking.


The basic aim of the report is to communicate the objectives of the work done, the procedures used in sufficient detail so that the work can be reproduced, discussion of results, and conclusions. It should give a list of symbols used, and references that have been cited in the body of the report. It should have appendices that contain all the details of data, and an example of calculation of quantities that have been reported in the body of the report but that had to be obtained from the observations or raw data. Appendices can also contain other details relevant to the report but which would hinder the flow of presentation if they were included in the main body of the report.


Research report is considered a major component of the...