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As children we were always taught to think about the future about what were going to do for a living when we grow up. Everything we do is about tomorrow,then we grow up,and find that we still think about the future such as relationships,big meetings,important dates and so on. But also we cast bleary eyes into our past and look back at those crucial life changing incidents that we think defined our lives. The first time we stood up to our parents,the first time we tried to drink alcohol,the missed assignments in our finals,the bitter fights and the heartbreaks. Years after it all,we think about what we did and what we said and usually regret what we do. We think about how things would be if we behaved differently. Future and past,tomorrow and yesterday but isn't today what matters most?The idea of living today in particular of living in the now is a pathetic one to many. I think that those who don't want to think about the future or the past are cowards,afraid of both ambition and learning. Similarly,people who don't think about the past merely shut out their memories but also means they also don't get the opportunity to learn from those experiences then they throw up some blah-blah-blah-blah about living in the now. I think our problems and unhappiness are caused by our situation in life. But attachment to the past and future and denial of the now is the real problem. The future usually looks better or worse than the present. I guess if we imagine the future looks worst,it creates more anxiety but if we imagine the future looks better it gives us hope and anticipation. Happy new year everyone:)