St. Clare

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St. Clare of Assisi

1. St. Clare’s Timeline

1193 Clare was born in Assisi, Italy on

The 16th of July

1212 She ran away from home to serve


1216 She became an abbess of Poor


1226 She had an important role in encouraging and taking care of St. Francis of Assisi until his death

1253 The Rule of the Order of the Poor

Clares was approved by Pope

Innocenzo IV, just 2 days before

her Death

1253 She died at the age of 59

1255 She was canonized by Pope

Alexander IV

1260 Construction of Basilica of St.

Clare was completed

1872 Her remains were transferred to

The Basilica of St. Clare

11 Aug St. Clare’s Feast day

2. The situation that led to them following in Jesus’ footsteps.

St. Clare heard about St. Francis of Assisi preach and she was inspired. Her parents decided she would marry a wealthy young man; she refused and ran away from home. She turned down 2 marriage offers. She lived in Benedictine Monastery of Nuns. Her parents tried to make her come home, but she would not. She moved again for a short period to a house of female penitents and there she was later joined by her mother, sister St. Agnes and other young women.

3. Positive Experience

Clare founded the Order of Poor Ladies with St....