Negotiation Skill

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I planned to negotiate with my roommate regarding how the rent costs will be covered if I take an internship abroad for a month (although it is still undecided). We have one condition that regardless of the outcome, we will definitely together pay for the rent regardless of which side pays more or less. Since the rent is approximately 500,000, which equates to 250,000 each, I really have little power in this negotiation except for the fact that I am a good friend. Otherwise, it seems “clear” that I should bear the responsibility for moving temporarily.

I planned to go into the discussion to see what I can do to minimize my burden, if it was at all possible. This negotiation is obviously a distributive negotiation in the current frame of reference, where the burden of payment shifts from one person to another. My intention is that I will be able to somehow get a more integrative negotiation by concentrating on the interests among friends, where my roommate can help find a suitable place at minimal cost which will help me directly, and in turn I can probably cover the same amount as I usually do, 250,000 plus whatever I have to pay abroad but at a substantially less amount than I normally would expect.

This roommate has knowledge of the city I will be temporarily staying in so I am hoping I can persuade him or her to find a much cheaper place than the average price I would pay finding a place to stay separately. Another possibility is introducing a friend or relative who may be able to help lower the cost of living significantly. Either way, I am hoping I can gain one of these concessions through the deal but it will ultimately depend on my roommate’s willingness and possibly even the person who could provide me with a place to stay.

Actual results

In the beginning of the discussion I started out acting like a “reasonable” person who was not intending to take advantage of the situation, which is part of my plan to open for concessions because I...