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The finding of successful companies will be demonstrated in order for the board to adopt these similar tactics for the success of PPG industries for many years to come. Managing activities internal to the firm is only part of the modern executive’s responsibilities. The modern executive also must respond to the challenges posed by the firm’s immediate and remote external environments. The immediate external environment includes competitors, suppliers, increasingly scarce resources, government agencies and their ever more numerous regulations, and customers whose preferences often shift inexplicably. The remote external environment comprises economic and social conditions, political priorities, and technological developments, all of which must be anticipated, monitored, assessed, and incorporated into the executive’s decision making (McGraw).

The mission statement is a message designed to be inclusive of the expectations of all Stakeholders for the company’s performance over the long run. The executives and board who the mission statement attempt to provide a unifying purpose for the company that will provide a basis for strategic objective setting and decision making. PPG has a solid mission statement that will allow the company to reach the goal which is set by the board of directors. Mission statements are vital to a company’s success (McGraw-Hill, 2004). The process of defining the company mission for a specific business can perhaps be best understood by thinking about the business at its inception. The typical business begins with the beliefs, desires, and aspirations of a single entrepreneur. Such an owner-manager’s sense of mission usually is based on the following fundamental beliefs (McGraw-Hill, 2004).

PPG Industries is a leader in its markets; is a streamlined, efficient manufacturer; and operates on the leading edge of new technologies and solutions. It is our...