Customer Satisfaction

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This sample report was submitted during the Summer C, 2007 session at USF Sarasota-Manatee. Except for minor editing to remove the author’s name and adjust spacing for web-posting, it appears as I received it from the student, with no marks or comments by the instructor. Although it is not flawless, it certainly represents an excellent achievement, especially by a student who has had only limited experience with this kind of writing. (At approximately 3,400 words, it is considerably longer than the 2000-to-2500-word document assigned in current presentations of ENC 3250.) Apply the standards of quality and effectiveness you see here to your own writing on Assignment 4, but do not try to duplicate the wording of this document. Use it as a source of inspiration and guidance. Please contact me if you have a question.

[student name withheld] ENC 3250 - Mr. Roberts Summer C, 2007 - July 2, 2007 Assignment 4 - Business Report


Management has expressed concern that increasing competition from call centers offering lower priced services will significantly erode WCMSI’s client base. In an effort to increase the value of WCMSI’s services, all business units have been asked to identify potential new offerings.

METHODOLOGY. Recognizing the importance of customer relationship management and the role customer satisfaction takes in that process, the Marketing Research Department undertook a study to investigate the viability of adding customer satisfaction research to our product mix. A representation of highly recognized industry resources were reviewed to understand current thinking regarding benefits and tools available to measure satisfaction.

[student name withheld] - ENC 3250 - Summer C, 2007- Assignment 4, Business Report - 1

FINDINGS AND CONCLUSIONS. Research revealed the following: • Two critical areas must be addressed when considering customer satisfaction. Customer...