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The excerpt that I have decided to choose is “Free Will versus Determinism”. In this excerpt the author stated two beliefs. The first belief is “The behavior of atoms is governed entirely by physical law” and the second belief is “Humans have free will.” The fact is that even though both of these statements are true, they contradict each other. One could say that each statement is true when used alone; however, untrue when used together. If atoms are governed entirely by physical law then they would not need a force to serve their function. In this case, since the argument that humans have free will has been brought up, does the human in fact control the atom with his or her free will? Clearly, the behavior of atoms is governed entirely by physical law; however, what would prevent that atom from an outside influence? Let’s say that you have a refrigerator with the handle on the left side of the door, and for years you have used that fridge. One day the fridge breaks and is replace with a fridge that has the door handle on the right side. Even though you know that the handle is no longer on the left side of the door, time after time you reach for that left side because the atoms in your body have been programmed to do so for so long. It is now when your human free will is needed to influence, thereby, retraining the atoms. Such a process takes great determination. A strength that can be looked upon here is that multiple consequences can come from free will, whereas, atoms are only prone to one outcome, the outcome for which they were created forgo.

In the last paragraph of the excerpt a quote from physicist Arthur Eddington states, “What significance is there in my struggle tonight whether I shall give up smoking, if the laws that govern matter already preordain for tomorrow a configuration of matter consisting of pipe, tobacco, and smoke connected with my lips?” Eddington’s influence on his atoms from his free will over such a long period of time...