Hsdpa Power Allocation

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Basically in HSDPA Power Allocation we can use two approach which are mentioned below.

1) Static Power Allocation

2) Dynamic Power Allocation(Licence required n feature need to be enabled)

In Static Power Allocation approach We are having Fixed load target PtxTargetHSDPA and HSDPA Power will be Phsdpa ≤ PtxMaxHSDPA. Also We are having Fixed overload threshold for R99 is PtxTargetHSDPA + PtxOffsetHSDPA and in case of overload HSDPA might be released immediately.

While in case of Dynamic Power Allocation HSDPA Power will be

Phsdpa ≤ min(PtxMaxHSDPA, PtxCellMax)- power allocated to R99 DCH and DL control channels. We are having Dynamically adjusted load target PtxTargetPS. Also Overload threshold for R99 goes parallel to load target PtxTargetPS + PtxOffset. In case of overload HSDPA power might be reduced,but usually service not released immediately.

In the case of Dynamic Power Allocation BTS may allocate all unused DL power up to maximum cell power so We can have maximum available cell power for the HSDPA Users because All power available after DCH traffic, HSUPA control and common channels can be used for HSDPA.

If After enabling the Dynamic power Allocation you are getting the low throughput because of power limitations then you should either increase the cell power (from 20W to 40W) or You have to plan a new site so that HSDPA traffic can be distributed.

For upgrading cell maximum power from 20W to 40W you need to have Licence at the BTS for the upgradation.

Now Lets come to your second doubt.

First thing the 70% utilization you are talking about is HSDPA Power Utilization or Cell Power Utilization. 70% Utilization criteria is the alarm start criteria which is generally used in the Telecommunication system for the Upgradation either its is Power, CEs or Iub Capacity. Because for these things you need to plan the solution and it will take some time and you can't take the risk of utilization going above 95%. Thats why 70% criteria is...