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When one desires to develop their own world view they must first look at what a world view is. A world view answers several questions: 1) who we are 2) where do we come from 3) What is the problem, 4) what is the solution to this problem. It takes into account on how an individual views the world with their own lenses. According to Entwistle (2010) states that a Christian world view addresses the above questions largely from a Christian perspective, looking at God’s creation, the introduction of sin in the world, Christ redemption for our sins, and consummation.

How one see what knowledge and truth are also plays an important role in the development of a Christian worldview? Knowledge is defined by Merriam Webster is “the circumstance or condition of apprehending truth or fact through reasoning” (Webster, M. 2011). How does one apprehend truth? From a Christian perspective on will see that God is the origin of all knowledge and truth. Seeing any inconsistency in truth is impossible when it comes to knowing God because He is the true definition to truth. James 1:17-18 states that God chose to give all of us the gift of birth and His Word of truth to live by.

With this in mind comes Epistemology, the theory of knowledge which deals with the nature of knowledge. (Entiwistle, 2010) According to Guisepi (n.d.) Knowledge is made up of two different parts, the first being based on what a person sees, touches, hears, smells, and tastes, and the second is based on the perceptions the ones mind organizes that forms their concepts and ideas. Empiricism involves evaluating what knowledge claims. Entiwistle states that contemporary empiricism involves logical positivism which is a “view in which belief us validated or invalidated solely by the evidence of experience” (Entiwistle, 2010, p 79).

What are the steps in the scientific method?

Scientific methods also help individuals explain what is happening around them just like a Christian world view does....