Social Responsibility

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According to the Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee (2006, p1) corporations are being influenced by an increased demand by community groups to address their environmental impact and social responsibility. Cotton on has responded to such demands through the Cotton Foundation.

“Fashion for a cause”

This not-for-profit branch off the Cotton On brand promotes social well being through collaboration with community partners, focusing on positive improvements to the lives of children worldwide (Cotton On Foundation 2010). The sale of reusable bags, water bottles and wrist bands in store contribute to raising funds for:

* Geelong Hospital Children’s Ward- establishment of the “Cotton On Foundation Children’s Ward” within the hospital arose from the $3.2 million donation on behalf of the company, assisting in the redevelopment of the Ward (Cotton On Foundation 2010).

* The Kids Foundation- Cotton On endeavours to contribute to this national charity through enabling young burns survivors to attend support camps through sponsorship funding programs (Cotton On Foundation 2010).Cotton on staff participate in these camps through voluntary roles (Cotton On Foundation 2010).

* Mannya Village- this philanthropic initiative was developed to assist in the improving the education, health and infrastructure of the Uganda village (Cotton On Foundation 2010). Contributions of $1.5 million have assisted in the construction of schools and improvement of local agriculture and infrastructure (Cotton On Foundation 2010).

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