Electronic Pressure Measuring Meter

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As we know pressure is directly related to weight. The object which is more in weight will exert more pressure on the surface on which it is placed than the object which is lighter in weight.

The concept of weight is utilized to measure the pressure. One such device that can calculate pressure equivalent of object is Load Cell.

Load cell is a transducer that convert weight into its equivalent electrical output. Strain gauge is one such example which is widely used in industries.

The analog electrical output of load cell is fed to an IC called ADC ic(analog to digital converter) which converts the analog signal to digital signals which can then be easily fed to micro controller where this digital data can be processed to give the numerical value of weight which can then be displayed on 7 segments or LCD screen.

Since this is a electrical machine it will automatically give the weight and the work load of grocers is reduced in which they have to keep on testing with other standard weights.

It can also be designed to calculate the weights in grams or milligrams.


First of all to find the components required, circuit diagram from internet. Then purchase the components and check them. Next step is to design circuit for PCB layout on software properly. After that designing of PCB. Check for the circuit and if the circuit is proper then drilling of PCB and after that mounting of component on PCB and test the PCB or the circuit. Now the final step is to properly program the pic microcontroller for proper output.


1. To get the proper circuit diagram.

2. Get it verified.

3. Design circuit on software for PCB.

4. Design PCB

5. Mount components on PCB.

6. Program the controller.

7. Verify the output.


The electronic pressure measuring meter can be used to measure any type of weight. It finds uses in general store shops,jewellery shops and other places where weight measurement is quite important.