Ethics Game Simulation

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Ethics Game Simulation

MGT 216

November 3, 2010

Ethics Game Simulation

The Ethics Game is a simulation which presents individuals with real world situations in companies, these situations represents possible ethical contradictions for the participant. While working through the simulation tools such as an Ethics Coach, ethics information, and background information is given on the fictitious company. In this paper the writer discuss the ethical issues presented in the simulation and what decision-making steps were taken to ethically address these issues. The writer will also discuss what ethical perspectives or lenses were utilized in the decision making of the simulation and how did these ethical perspectives, or lenses, influence the management decisions. In the end the writer will discuss how concepts from this simulation might relate to your workplace.

Ethical issues presented in the simulation were in The Fair Warning the dilemma was how or if to inform the consumers of high levels of a chemical in one of the products. The ethical issue arises in this case due to the fact that even though the product passed FDA standards of the chemical it however did not pass the companies strict in house standards. In addition since the laboratory results came in late, the product had been released to the public.

In The Stringent Standards case the ethical issue presented was whether or not to sell products in other countries the company had deemed potential safety risks to sell in the U.S. So the issue is if the company would not sell these products to the U.S. consumer why then would they be sold to consumers outside the U.S., even if those other countries would allow it.

In making decisions for both of the above cases factors taken into consideration were those immediately affected, how the consumers were affected, and how the company’s reputation in the long-run would be affected. When thinking about all three groups the bottom line of profits or losses to...