Solving Moral Conflict

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CHAPTER 5: SOLVING MORAL CONFLICT Types of Conflict Conflicts may arise under the following situations:   A type of right may clash with another type of right, or a kind of freedom may clash with another kind of freedom. Conflict may arise between one person and another. A person’s freedom may have to be curtailed in order to maintain the freedom of another In this chapter we will discuss the tensions between different ethical theories or social policies.

Forms of Tensions are: 1. Divergence    When one set of reasons leads to the conclusion that one action should be taken while another set points to a different action. What you would do in following the first set of reasons is different from what you would do in following the second set of reason. The example of Sara’s case. Sara who has living with Frank, a married man, might out of deontological considerations ask Frank not to divorce his wife, but she felt that remaining in that relationship with Frank would in the end hurt her. She might feel that if she and Frank never marry, there would no reason to prolong the relationship. From such reasoning, Sara might decide that she should break off the relationship with Frank. This is an example of divergenceo deontological consideration advise him not to divorce his wife,(1st reason); o egoistic consideration (2nd reason) make him decide to break up the relationship. When two sets of reasons bring us to divergent conclusion, it is possible for us to resolve tension by carrying out both the recommended action.

2.Conflict  Different ethical theories or social policies might give rise to recommendations that logically contradict each other. i.e. when you follow one recommendation, you will be prevented from following another. For instance, in the case of Sara, if she had persuaded frank to divorce his wife and married her, it would not be possible for her to follow other recommendations.


In short, conflict happen in situations...