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This experiment appeared to be very ineffective and very inaccurate, as the results we managed to obtain were not very reliable. The most inaccurate parts of this experiment were the results, as they were not very reliable. The reason for this was that different people amongst the class took the results, therefore increasing the chance of inaccuracy. If there was any part of the method to change, it would be the fact that the whole class took readings of different sugars and then combined the results. In my eyes, this is very inaccurate, and it

would be better if the whole class took separate readings of all the sugars. Glucose was the most inaccurate result, as, in theory, it should be the sugar that would metabolise the quickest. However, in this experiment, it was Lactose. One explanation to this, is that

Lactose is made up of two different sugars, one part being Glucose, therefore, it fits the lock and key mechanism well, therefore metabolising the most. My conclusion regarding this experiment is that it did not go very well, and it should have been Glucose that fitted the Yeast, using the Lock and Key theory. This is because it is an exact fit, and therefore, the Glucose substrate totally metabolises inside the yeast active site. I believe that repeating the experiment again would be a good idea, as the results of this experiment are unreliable.

The expected result is that glucose will undergo the most metabolism by yeast than starch. This is because glucose is already broken down in its simplest form whereas starch still needs to. The aim of this extension is find out whether the action of yeast is quicker on a substrate that has low molecular weight (glucose) or high molecular weight (starch).

Glucose is the simplest monosaccharide sugar therefore it has fewer bonds to be broken by the enzymes in the yeast. In addition, the reaction rates will much faster so more of the yeast will metabolize glucose at the same time. Even...