Ikea Marketing Analysis

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Table of Contents |

1. Introduction 3

2. External analysis: PESTEL 3

3. External analysis: Competitive forces 4

4. External analysis: Market/segment analysis 6

5. External analysis: Threats and opportunities 6

6. Identification of the key external strategic issue(s) 7

7. Internal analysis: Mission statement (with its impact on society) 8

8. Stakeholder analysis (identification/ Power-interest matrix) 10

9. Internal analysis: Resources and competences analysis 11

10. Internal analysis: Company value chain analysis: Competitive advantage analysis 13

11. Internal analysis: Strengths and weaknesses 14

12. Conclusion and recommendations 15

13. Sources 16

1. Introduction

IKEA is a Swedish international organization which provides home furnishing products since 1940. They always consider the future, since consumers require more products in order to improve their life. Their catalogue includes furniture and accessories for children’s rooms, kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. The organization has 231 stores in 24 different countries around the world, and 127.800 co-workers in 40 countries. They have created more than 9.500 products at low cost so customers can afford to buy them, and in very good quality. IKEA is aiming to be a responsible organization which develops products which are friendly with people but also with the environment.

External analysis: PESTEL

The PESTEL analysis provides a comprehensive list of influences on the possible success or failure of particular strategies


During the economic crisis, car scrapping incentive influences more customers to buy a new car than new furniture. In France, the possibility of a Law about Sunday work could increase the growth of the furniture market because people prefer buying new furniture in family. Being in family is more convenient to buy new furniture; because furniture is a...