Bis 219 Final Exam – a

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BIS 219 Final Exam – A

Managing and Using Information Systems: A Strategic Approach, 3/e (Pearlson &


1. The Information Systems Strategy Triangle consists of three strategies. Which strategy

focuses on where the organization seeks to go and how it expects to get there?

a) Business Process

b) Business Strategy

c) Organizational Strategy

d) Information Strategy

e) Technology Strategy


2. Which management control process involves bonuses, recognition, or other types of

prize for outstanding work?

a) Rewarding

b) Compensating

c) Monitoring

d) Incentives

e) Evaluating


3. These are workers that work from wherever they are currently located, such as a hotel

room in Tokyo, or a coffee shop in Boston.

a) roaming workers

b) IT workers

c) geographically neutral workers

d) global workers

e) mobile workers


4. The threat of which potential problem lead many companies to move to ERP systems?

a) MRP

b) Internet Viruses

c) Code Red Virus

d) Michelangelo Virus

e) Y2K


5. Microsoft Windows software would be part of this IS framework?

a) IS architecture

b) Functional specs

c) Business requirement

d) IS infrastructure

e) Architecture requirement


6. This is the default telecommunications protocol for transmitting information on the


a) NetBIOS



d) Broadband

e) Ethernet


7. In information ethics the first P in PAPA stands for which one of the following?

a) Property

b) Propriety

c) Prevent

d) Permit

e) Privacy


8. Who is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the software and

hardware needed for corporate data?

a) Business Analyst

b) Network Administrator

c) Webmaster

d) Database Administrator

e) Web Designer


9. Managers want to analyze the costs of informal support of their IT infrastructure for

two reasons: the costs and the ____________________________.

a) time to fix a problem

b) effect the support activity...