Interclean Career Development Plan Part 2

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InterClean Career Development Plan Part 2

Executive Summary

This proposal is a training development plan for the sales team the newly merged companies of InterClean and EnviroTech. The initial meetings for training material will take place 45 days prior to deployment. A follow up will take place 45 days post deployment. An analysis of this data will provide future direction on training material development and eventually incorporation into the new hire orientation process.


The following document is a detailed training plan for the outside sales department personnel. This document is specifically written to serve as a guide for the re-training and mentoring guide of current InterClean employees. New hire orientation will also be able to utilize this plan for future functional area training of newly hired associates. This paper will detail the training plan which was derived at from the following process: Phase 1 training needs assessment, Phase 2 training and development, and Phase 3 evaluation phase (Cascio, 2005).

As noted in the memo dated February 21, support of our Human Assets will be key to InterClean’s future success. To that extent, we will include as part of the training plan a mentoring facet to better help our employees cope with workplace issues. Casio (2005) defines a mentor as: “A mentor is a teacher, an advisor, a sponsor, and a confidant” (p. 381).

Assessment Phase

The assessment phase has four integrated analysis parts: Organizational, Demographic, Operational, and Individual. Below is the combined result of that analysis. The following list contains the skills which were determined to be essential for an InterClean Outside Sales Representative to function effectively. This was based on an in-depth job analysis which was previously completed.

1. Expert knowledge of InterClean solution based selling process

2. Knowledge of all InterClean services and products

3. Knowledge of compliance issues

4. Knowledge...