Project Proposal Paper

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Project Proposal Paper

MGT/437 Project Management

June 20, 2011

Jenny Kirgis

Statement of Need

Through project planning a parking garage for a busy downtown area of a city will be built. The major benefactors of this project will be the visitors and inhabitants of this town. By adding additional parking the streets will remain less cluttered and traffic will flow more easily. Since newcomers to the area will be able to find easily accessible parking the overall down town area will benefit from being less congested. Additionally the fact that the garage will be covered will allow car owners to keep their cars away from the elements. The garage will also have security which will make sure that car owners do not have to worry about having their vehicle stolen or damaged while they are gone.

Project Stakeholders

The project customer is the city supervisor who is able to approve the plans that are submitted to the township. This allows the city to decide on cost issues and location issues. The major stakeholders for the project are various. The stakeholders who will benefit the most are those who will be able to park in the new facility. The next stakeholders who will benefit are those who will be involved in the construction of the garage. The workers involved and the companies involved will stand to make a quality profit on the project.

Time Management

Time management is the key for successful project management. If during the project one is not able to control time, there is a chance one could lose control on the project. The team will need to delegate tasks and correspond to be on the same level. If one person becomes backed up – the team could lose time (Kerzner, 2006). To control time – one will need to stay focused on the task at hand, while learning to say “no” when needed (Kerzner, 2006). Here are some tips on how to handle such situations:

• Screen out problems one does not wish to be occupied by

• When leaving the...