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Rodolfo Abalos

Module 1 SLP

“What Constitutes a Good Mission and Vision Statement?”

Strategic Management: MGT 599

Professor Dr. Janice Johnson

Strategic Management: MGT 599

May 30, 2011

What constitutes a good mission and vision statement?

According to Simon Kapenda of Dream Big, every company every where is supposed to and must have a mission statement, which is the heart of the business’s vision and the guide of its operation, as a whole.[1] Good vision and mission statements can be a power force drivers in any company culture when they are executed properly, and when they are use to release the pure energy within the employees who make up the organization. The best visions and missions statement becomes a sacred word for action, a spark that drives the people to success. It’s been proven without any doubt that the best crafted ones are those that are short, direct to the point, easy to remember, easy to read and easily understand by whoever is reading it.

Nobody likes to read long, detailed, and hard to remember statements that may or may not be directly impacting the reader’s life which we know for a fact. Just look at Google’s mission statement, which is "To organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." This is absolutely inspirational, achievable, and completely graspable.[2] It is also direct to the point and supportive of the work the organization’s trying to accomplish world wide with its contribution to the World Wide Web.

The mission should describe more of what business you are in and who you are as an organization. The mission and vision should state more than the obvious, they should state the

exceptional and extraordinary, to boast that of the companies great accomplishment, leap of faith, and the wild dreams of every possibility you want your company to explore everyday. They should be creating chatter, passionate debate and whispering amongst...