Advocacy in the Human Services Field

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Advocacy in the Human Services Field

In the human services field, the homeless are a population that advocates commonly reach out to lend assistance. The most common assistance programs that are available to the homeless include assistance with: housing, treatment, medical care, education, and also domestic violence. It is important to understand how each of these services are provided as well as the personal perspective that outlines how advocates can assist in each of the above mentioned areas. Because there is no immediate end to the homeless epidemic, it is essential that human service professional understand the impact that it has on those who are affected by it.


In advocating for the homeless population, one of the most important considerations is the need for a safe shelter to assist these individuals though the night. With different options and community involvement levels, this issue can be aided by the use of shelters, missions, outreach groups, and even nonprofit organizations. Each of these different options serves as a viable resource because they will get people off the streets either temporarily or in some instances in a more permanent amount of time. As an advocate for the homeless, the ability to provide this type of shelter gives people back the ability to believe like they are human again. Oftentimes the homeless want for the simplest things like a safe place to sleep, warm food, and a nice shower. Being able to bring this to people who go without is essential for anyone looking to work with this kind of population. An example of how advocates can assist with this problem in the simplest term would be to research the different options for shelter and provide that information to the homeless people in need. The more options that they have available, the less likely they are to resort to staying in unsafe places or feeling forced into illegal activity like trespassing. This can be made possible by going to in the public and sharing...