Inter Organizational and Global Information System

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Inter-organizational information system (IOS)

  

Introduction. IOS development affecting partnership relations. Significant Barriers for Advanced IOS Model Development.

Global Information System (GIS)

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Introduction. Internet as Global information System. Implementation of GIS. Challenges to Global Information Systems.



An IOS is a collection of IT resources, including communications networks, hardware, IT applications, standards for data transmission, and human skills and experiences.  It provides a framework for electronic cooperation between businesses by allowing the processing, sharing and communication of information.  IOS are also known as extranets.  They allow electronic processing of business transactions and documents, as well as the transfer of information with minimal effort and makes it quickly available.


IOS can be categorized into four phases, in terms of historical IS development:

 Phase

One - Manual systems  Phase Two - EDI systems  Phase Three - ERP systems  Phase Four - Internet-enabled systems

Phase One: Manual Systems

 This

phase includes paper copies of documents such as purchase orders, bills and invoices. The information is processed manually and therefore information technology and telecommunications do not contribute to this system.


Phase Two: Electronic Data Interchange Systems

The next phase involved the development of EDI technology in the 1980’s and this had a dramatic effect on the automation of heavy data flows and the elimination of many labor intensive key business processes. Paper documents such as purchase orders, invoices, bills of lading and shipping slips were replaced by electronic transmission of the information between computers

What is EDI?