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Running head: Accenture


Marketing Management

Mini-Case Analysis: Accenture

I. Major Problems / Concerns

Who: Accenture gained its independence from its former parent company Arthur Andersen in 2000. Accenture is the world’s largest: management, outsourcing and technology consulting firm.

What: Following their independence from Arthur Andersen the company began the critical task of determining a new brand name that would translate around the global that would target senior executives of their current client and prospect populace.

Why: Accenture had to take quick and decisive measures to ensure they successfully branded a worldwide company brand name and image. Marketing is a constant process that evolves and changes over a company’s lifecycle and Accenture has shown how it has adapted and changed its brand image to be a success.

When: From the company’s spin off from Arthur Andersen to its present operations; the company has demonstrated their nimble agility in regards to their ability to brand the product image and make quick and decisive moves to ensure marketing success.

Where: Accenture has an international presence and is the world’s largest management, outsourcing and technology consulting organization.

Statement of Primary Problem

The primary issue regarding Accenture regards the company’s ability to successfully market itself to their business to business client base. The company after running a very successful marketing campaign that spanned six years with Tiger Woods as the company’s spokesperson with tag lines such as “We know what it is like to be a Tiger” and “ Go on. Be a Tiger.” The taglines aligned Accenture to the wild success of Tiger Woods, while building on the concept of the meaning of Mr. Woods’ nickname of “TIGER” – meaning a person who is very fierce of aggressive.

After scandal engulfed Tiger Woods’ personal life the company severed ties to the celebrity athlete,...