Request for Proposal

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Microsoft Office Trainers

Eng.221/ Technical Writing

August 25, 2011

August 25, 2011

Request for Proposal


Enterprise Development is a company that is involved in the development and maintenance of hi -rise urban condominiums. At present we have thirty –two locations in twelve states that span across the United States. We started this company in 1961. It started with two brothers that had a dream to build housing that would look elegant, but at the same time be affordable to the average working person. Well, 50 years later we are still providing luxury living to our tenants at affordable prices. With this philosophy in mind we are preparing to open up a new office in the Houston, Texas area. We plan to have a staff that will include at least 125 people including our sales staff. All of the staff will need to be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office. We are aware that some of our new personnel may be somewhat familiar with these operating systems we are also that there will be others that are not. Our objective is to have the majority of our employee be able to hit the floor running. Therefore we are submitting this Request for Proposal to help us facilitate this task.


Enterprise Development has provided a budget of seventy-five thousand (75,000) to fund this training. This will include the housing allotment as well as the salaries for the trainers. In some instances there will be a per diem added to provide for the trainers’ meals.

Statement of Work

We are seeking to contract for ten trainers that are each responsible for training ten to fifteen people on the different aspects of using Microsoft Office. These candidates will be responsible for providing hands-on training for our new staff in the Houston area.

Timeframe for Training Candidates must be able to begin their sessions the first week of October. We have allowed a period of three weeks for this training. We anticipate that the office will be opening in early...