Process Strategy at Wheeled Coach

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1. I think that major auto manufacturers do not build ambulances because ambulance they are not in the custom design business, and volume is very small compared with the volume of big auto manufacturers.

2. An alternative can be a more basic way of building specialized custom products, which consist on bringing the parts of the ambulance to the work station and join them as the final product.

3. It is more efficient to prepare work modules and then deliver

them to the assembly line than it would be to produce the

components on the line because of all of the advantages of

work cells. Work cells can be designed around the modules

with the necessary supplies, talents, and machinery located in that particular “module.” Then the employees become experienced in those modules and the customized modules can be delivered to the

line as needed.

4. From my point of view management sets high expectations for quality, so wheel coach determine the task to be performed at each station by setting a priority order because custom products require unique labor standards, they are set for each module and assembly area to insure that the work at each station can be accomplished in the time allocated.


1. The flowchart is mentioned in the document .

Frequently complications are managed through a very long protocol. I think that greater anticipation and other tests, need to be considered to manage complications better and improve the chart.

2. In my opinion, if this kind of complication would occur, a new step should be implemented after taking the mother to the Labor & Delivery room, as a rapid movement to an operating room specialize for this cases.

3. If all the mothers were pre-registered , then they would be directly moved on entry without any formal registration process to the L and D triage room on the 8th floor . This would save on time and helping...