Story Oif an Hour

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Short Story Analysis Sheet

Story Title: The story of an hour

Author: Kate Chopin

1. Setting:

Time: Nineteenth Century

Place: Louisiana

2. Characters:

Protagonist is : Mrs Mallard

Brief Description of Protagonist:

A married woman, who is not happy with his married life and has a heart disease.

The Antagonist in the story is:

The Antagonist is the society and time in which she lives as there is no rights for women and the cannot take their own decisions

Minor Characters are

Josephine a caring sister of Mrs. Mallard

Richards a friend of Mr. Mallard

Brently Mallard the husband who is suppose to be dead.

3. Conflict:


Mrs. Mallard has a conflict with herself as she has a lot of mixed emotions. First she is sad but then she realized that she is free which makes her happy.


Mrs. Mallard is happy but she does not want others to know how she feels as she is a widow and everyone who came to grieve with her would expect her to be sad.

4. Plot:

Plot Summary:

Mr. Mallard is dead and Josephine and Richards wants to break the news to Mrs. Mallard as lightly as possible because Mr. Mallard has heart disease. Mr. Mallard first grieve and cries to hear the news but then she is happy to be free and that she can start a new life.

Climax of the story is

Mrs. Mallard suddenly sees Mr. Mallard on the door, He is alive.

Resolution of the story is

Mrs. Mallard could not handle the shock and she dies of an hard failure.