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Is Technical Competence a Mediator and Moderator of Managerial Effectiveness

Denise Petersen

AIU Online


The purpose of this study is to find out whether technical skill lay down incremental

benefit over managerial skill in management accomplishment for first-tier managers, and

examine promising mediators of this filiation. Hypotheses: technical skill incrementally foretells

management accomplishment; referent and skilled power resolves this filiation; and

inspirational requests and logical influence resolve the filiation between control and

management accomplishment.

Design/ Methodology & Approach

“A total of 107 first-tier supervisors from local computer, petrochemical and engineering

companies in both public and private sector completed an online survey about their professional

background information and managerial skills; subordinates rated their supervisors' technical

skill, power, and authority approach habits. Management achievement was carefully considered

as: subordinate job fulfilment, production output and subordinate evaluations”(Hysong, 2000).


‘Technical skill incrementally foretells subordinate understandings of managerial achievement

over managerial skill. “Referent power mediated the filiation between technical skill and both

subordinate evaluations and job achievement; skilled power only mediated for job achievement.

Reasonable influence mediated the filiation between skilled power and subordinate achievements

of managerial accomplishment”(Hysong, 2000).

Research limitations & Implications

‘Understandable assessment of several dimensions constructs such as managerial

accomplishment and technical skill is necessary. Restrictions contain self-selection bias and

accessibility of unbiased technical skill measures. Future study should evolve constituent-based

measures of these concepts”(Hysong, 2000).

Practical Implications

“Technical skill is important to managers as a...