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Region: Dammam (Damaam)

Description: Description: As you are fully aware that expatriates have exploited this website by increasing their demand intensely so I don’t recommend you to look for a car online. Go to Haraj or car workshops to get an idea about the price.

For example Toyota Corolla 2009 should be around 36,000 to 37,000 but fat hogs online are demanding for 40,000 SR so please be careful.

There is another gimmick which expatriates practice very often to sell their cars and it’s called “SAUDI SPECIFICATION”.

98% of cars in Saudi Arabia that are exported to the kingdom are Saudi Specified and meet Saudi Arabian standards but have you ever considered what Saudi Specification mean when expatriates are selling under the label “SAUDI SPECS”.

Well I spent some time investigating into this matter and here are some of the important guidelines.

1) Plastic Lamination

Saudi Spec cars are normally cleaner than brand new cars because they are properly cleaned a night before sold. In order to conceal any burnt marks after heavy smoking the Saudi Spec cars are completely laminated with plastic covers all over the seats, mats are washed by detergent due to the stubborn marks and stains that are made after spilling Pepsi and Kabsa. This cleaning job requires 100 Riyals but after the job is done by Detail Plus workshop, Saudi Spec demand rises 1000% of 100 Riyals.

2) Product tags on rear mirror

Rear mirrors aren’t just used for back viewing but hanging a Jeans pants tag around the mirror could give outstanding look to the car. If a tag says “Waist 32” then the Saudi owner would argue that it clearly means PASSED in Arabic that the Car was passed 32 times by highest motorcar authority.

3) Tinting the windows for errand

Nowadays local folks are very concerned about their identity while driving ruthlessly on streets and picking up broads from coffee shops therefore they apply black film on car windows.

4) All the perfumes of Arabia cannot sweeten...