Tea Tree Oil

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Imagine you have just received the news that you may have a non-melanoma type of skin cancer, and that there may be something to help get rid of the tumor that lurks beneath your skin. Whatever kind of cancer it may be, many of us have had a relative, friend, or acquaintance receive this same type of news. If there was a possible cure, your first thought would most likely be, “what cure is out there? And how effective is it?”. The answer to your questions may be something that has been on the market for years, and something that is found within a lot of health and beauty products on our shelves right now. Tea tree oil is a somewhat familiar ingredient in many skin care products that is now being investigated for its potential other uses, especially in the search for a cure for cancer.

Hi, my name is (YOUR NAME), and today, I will explore the tea tree plant; first we will look at its origin and some of historical uses. Then we will look at its uses in health and beauty products today. Finally, we will look at its potential for treatments and uses in the future, especially with research concerning cures for cancer.

Since there are probably still questions as to how tea tree oil can help us, we must first take a deeper look into where it comes from and how we have used it in the past in order to have a better understanding of this plant.

Tea Tree Oil, otherwise known as Melaleuca alternifolia originates from the north eastern coast of New South Whales. As you can see, this state is on the eastern coast of Australia, and the Natives of this states, the Aborigines, have used tea tree oil for many uses for years. Samara Daleena, a writer for the North China Morning Post, says that these Aborigines used to crush the leaves of the tree up in order to treat infections. Another writer, Sarah Barclay of the Daily Mail, said that there exists Aborigines tales of a magical healing lagoon that a tribe bathed in to treat wounds, burns and other conditions. This tale...